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Lumiglas Luminaire USL33 Without Push Button Without Transformer 24V/20W

  • USL 33-LED: Specialized for sterile areas with an easy-fit adapter collar.
  • Compatibility: Fits DIN 28120/28121, DIN 11851, METAGLAS®, and BioControl fittings.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for lighting in bioreactors, tanks in various industries.
  • Protection: IP 65 rated, independent of vessel pressure, max 40°C ambient at cable entry.
  • Installation: Adapter collar mount for easy setup in non-explosive environments.
  • Without push button, without transformer.
  • Electrical: 24 V AC/DC, 20W.

SKU: F65354022400


USL 33-LED: Designed specifically for sterile environments with adapter collar for easy fit over flanges.
Universal Application: Suitable for diverse sight glass fittings including DIN 28120/DIN 28121, DIN 11851, METAGLAS®, and BioControl.
Industry Versatile: Ideal for the chemical, pharmaceutical, biogas, and food processing sectors to light up bioreactors, tanks, and other closed vessels.
Durable: Features IP 65 dust- and waterjet proof protection and operates independently of internal vessel pressure/vacuum. Max ambient temperature at cable entry is 40°C.
Easy Installation: Utilizes an adapter collar for mounting, flourishing in non-explosive environments without contributing to cover flange replacement.
Electrical Specs: Compatible with 24 V AC/DC, 20W.

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