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Mid-West Instrument DP Gauge Model 120SA-00-OO – from 25 to 700 kPa

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Mid-West Instrument DP Gauge Model 120SA00OO – from 25 to 700 kPa

Model Number: 120SA-00-OO Standard DP Ranges in Stock: 0-25,40,60,100,160,250,400,600 and 700 kPa Other Ranges in PSI, bar or dual scale dials upon request. Price exclusive of GST!



Mid-West Instrument DP Gauge Model 120SA-00-OO – from 100 to 700 kPa

Buy with confidence direct from the official Australian Distributor for Mid-West Instrument USA.
Differential Pressure Gauge manufactured by Mid-West Instrument USA with a 5 year Limited Warranty.
Differential Pressure Gauge Model No: 120SA-00-OO
DP Range: from 0 – 100 KPA to 0-700 KPA
Dial Size: 2 1/2″ Round
Standard Model Specifications
120: 6000 P.S.I.G Working pressure, Adjusting Screws & End Plugs, Stainless steel piston, ceramic magnet, “Engineering Plastic” Gauge Case with a shatter-resistant acrylic lens; +/- 3-2-3% full-scale accuracy (Ascending)*Material:  S: 316 Stainless Steel, S.S. piston
Dial Size: A: 2 1/2″Round Uni-Directional Dial
Seals: 0: Buna N
Connections: 0: 1/4″ FNPT Back Connections
Options: O: None
Electrical Configurations O: None* ASME B40.100 Grade B (Lower 25% of Scale +/-3%, Middle 50% of Scale +/-2%, Upper 25% of Scale +/-3%).

The Model 120 is available with a variety of configurations to meet different application requirements. The hermetically sealed reed switches or 4-20mA transmitter options provide flexibility for different types of control systems.

The adjustable switches with SPDT and SPST configurations and normally open or normally closed options with various load power ratings make it possible to integrate the gauge with different types of control circuits. The ability to set the switch activation or deactivation based on rising or falling pressure allows for more precise control of pressure-dependent processes.

It’s good to note that the standard reed switch is enclosed in weather-resistant plastic housing, which should provide some protection against environmental factors. The external screw adjustment for the switch setting makes it easy to configure the switch without having to open the gauge.


Differential pressure gauges and switches typically work by measuring the difference between two pressure points and indicating it on a gauge or activating a switch when a certain threshold is reached. This information can be used to monitor the performance of equipment and to trigger alarms or other actions when necessary.

The availability of one or two hermetically sealed reed switches in SPDT and SPST, as well as 4-20 mA transmitters, provides different options for signal outputs and can be useful in different applications.

The choice of materials for the gauge housing, such as aluminum, 316/316L stainless steel, aluminum bronze, and Monel, can also affect the suitability of the gauge for different environments and applications.

Overall, differential pressure gauges and switches are important tools for monitoring and maintaining the performance of industrial equipment, and choosing the right type and configuration can help ensure efficient and reliable operation.

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