RTI Eliminizer Replacement Filter Element 3.3 cm x 5.8 cm

Model Number: RTI363P020

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RTI Eliminizer Replacement Filter Element 3.3 cm x 5.8 cm

Model number 3P-020

Model Number: 3P-020
Brand Name : Reading Technologies Inc (RTI)
Description : Eliminizer Replacement Filter Element
Size : 3.3 cm x 5.8 cm
Applications: Generally used at point-of-use and in heavy-duty service where heavy water and dirt removal is needed

The RTI Eliminizer is designed primarily to remove condensed liquids and dirt larger than 1.0 micron and features patented inverse flow technology. The dryer is most efficient when put as close to the application as feasible and uses a stainless steel and cotton element to address the majority of application issues. The Eliminizer can handle flows up to 150 SCFM and is available with polycarbonate, aluminium, or stainless steel bowls with connectors ranging from 1/4″ to 1″, but this specific model 3P-020 is a filter element to go with an RTI Eliminizer.

At the site of use, the Eliminizer’s installation will result in clean, dry air.

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For an application of how it works with compressed air, please check out this video.


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