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CMC 3 Valve Backflow Test Kit | Complete Set | Model 142-3-BFTKA

$1,030.00 + GST

  • Backflow Test Kit Complete Set
  • Includes Filtered Hoses & Accessories
  • One-year Warranty
  • Including Calibration Certificate ACC to AS/NZS 2845.3:2020

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CMC Model 142 3 Valve Backflow Test Kit with Filtered Hoses & Accessories Calibrated Acc To AS/NZS 2845.3:2020.

The DP gauge is specifically designed for use by Australian plumbers. This test kit is reasonably priced and provides a reliable method for ensuring that backflow prevention systems are safe and functioning properly.


  • Model Number: 142-3-BFTKA
  • Dp Gauge Manufactured By Mid-west Instrument USA
  • 4½” Dial Face, 0-100 Kpa
  • ± 2% Accuracy On Descending And Ascending Pressure
  • Calibration Certificate In Accordance With AS/NZS 2845.3-2020 , MSA Test Method 2
  • Red Indication At 7kpa, 14kpa & 35kpa For Visual Clarity During Testing
  • Working Pressures Up To 500 psig (34.5 Bar)
  • Aluminium Body With EPDM Diaphragm And 316 Stainless Steel Internals
  • 3 X 1.5m Filtered Hoses Included
  • 3 Sets Of Brass Fittings Included
  • Soft Seated Needle Valves In An Integral Manifold
  • Test Kit Box Included
  • Laminated Test Procedures And Calibration Certificate Included
  • 1 Year Warranty

Common Applications

  • Backflow prevention devices should be tested in order to verify that contaminants are not making their way into public water systems.
  • Measures must be taken to prevent backflow from contaminating irrigation systems, particularly when they are tapped into potable water.
  • Fire sprinkler systems usually utilise check valves to eliminate backflow, but tests should nevertheless be conducted to prevent the possibility of reverse flow.
  • Backflow prevention devices in municipal water supply systems should be tested annually to meet regulatory requirements and maintain water quality standards.

Buy with confidence from the official Australian distributor of Mid-West Instrument USA. The CMC Model 142 3-Valve Backflow Test Kit is compliant with the new Australian Standard AS/NZS 2845.3:2020 and includes a calibration certificate in accordance with MSA Test Method 2.

The CMC model 142 back flow testing differential pressure kit is a cost-effective and user-friendly option with an accuracy of ± 2% full scale.

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