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CMC Alptec Static Grounding Monitoring System with Interlock, Model SLA-S-Y, 85-250 VAC, Set Point 10 Ohms, 5.3m Spiral Cable, SC-03 Grounding Clamp

$3,590.00 + GST

  • CMC Alptec Static Grounding Monitoring System
  • Incl. Interlock
  • Model: SLA-S-Y
  • 85-250 VAC
  • Set Point 10 Ohms
  • With 5.3m Spiral Cable and SC-03 Grounding Clamp


Item Code: Q25SLASY250VACSC5.3OH10SC03
Item Description: Static Grounding and Monitoring System, 85-250V AC, 10 Ohms, SC-03, 5.3m Sprial Cable
Input Power: 85V AC – 250V AC 50 Hz

Response time: <2s
Input Current: <60mA
Output Signal: On-off signal
Indicator: One Lamp (Green – satisfactory ground, Red – no ground),
Alarm: Visible alarm only
Output Safety Parameters (earthing clamp): Um: 250 VAC, Uo: 14.28 VDC, Io: 27.2 mA, Po 97mW, Co: 4.17 µF, Lo: 192mH
Monitoring Set Point: 10 ohms
Operating Temperature Range: -20ºC to + 55ºC (-4ºF to 131ºF)
EC Type Examination Certification No.: Presafe 16 ATEX 8909X
QAN Certificate No: Presafe 16 ATEX 7744Q

EX Mark: Ex II 2(1) G Ex db ia [ia Ga] IIB T5 Gb

Standard: EN60079-0, EN60079-1, EN60079-11
Directive: 2012/34EU

Includes Grounding Clamp and Blue Spiral Cable

Earthing Clamp: SC-03
Clamp Material: Die Cast Aluminium
Clamp Teeth: 3 x Stainless Steel Points
Dimensions: 160mm x 90mm x 45mm
Spiral Cable Length: 5.3m (17.4 ft)
Cable: 2 Core
External Diameter: 9 ± 0.5mm
Cross-Sectional Area of Each Inner Core: 1.5 mm²
Insulating Cover Color: Blue
Insulating Cover Material: Polyurethane
Core Material: Tin/copper wire
Operation Temperature: -40°C to +60°C
ATEX Certification: II 2 G T6 (Assessed to EN13463-1:2009)
Note: Price excludes Conformity Assessment from ATEX to IECEx. Contact CMC Technologies to arrange at an extra cost if required.
The ATEX Certifications are for applications in gas zones. The certification marking is  Ex II 2(1) G Ex db ia [ia Ga] IIB T5 Gb
The system does not have ATEX dust hazardous zone approvals – refer this to the conformity assessor to review for the CAD.

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