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CMC Alptec SC04 ATEX-Approved Grounding Clamp With or Without Green Spiral Cable

$120.00$240.00 + GST

  • Available Options: SC04 Clamp Only, SC04 Clamp with 4m Spiral Cable and SC04 Clamp with 7m Spiral Cable
  • Certification: ATEX-approved for hazardous environments


Our SC04 ATEX-Approved Grounding Clamp and Green Spiral Cable ensures the safety of vehicles’ explosive liquid transfer by discharging static electricity.

The SC04 clamps are constructed with excellent bronze jaws to ensure that every component provides a strong and reliable connection when refuelling, which is critical in preventing static discharge. You can rely on them for static discharge for procedures such as fuelling and maintenance or explosive liquid transfer between two mediums. Die Cast Aluminium construction with Bronze Jaws. Intermeshing Jaws are designed to provide a positive connection to the object without damaging the material. Suitable for grounding and bonding on refuelling vehicles and aircraft.

  • Clamp Material: aluminium Clamp
  • Clamp Dimensions:112mm x85mm x 25mm
  • Intermeshing jaws material: bronze
  • Clamp Dimensions: Jaw width 18 mm, total length 112 mm
  • Cable material: Green Spiral Cable, 4m, Polyurethane jacketed / copper core
  • ATEX Certification: II 2 G T6 (Assessed to EN13463-1:2009)
  • Cable supplied: 4m single-core spiral copper core with green anti-UV / static dissipative polyurethane coating.
  • Wire diameter:  Conductor cross-sectional area: approx. 2 mm² (5.5 AWG) With polyurethane coating: 5.8±0.1 mm diameter
  • Ring terminal: OT-60A Copper Lug, 8mm (0.3″) inner hole diameter

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